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So I have been making my own home made detergent for about 4 years now but recently I am reading nasty things about borax, washing soda, oxiclean, and bio-kleen bac-out.

Here is my wash routine that I have been using for years, old school top loader - cold quick wash cycle with 2T of home made detergent powder, a splash of bac-out and an extra rinse. Long Hot wash with just detergent, extra rinse. It works, my kids never got rashes from it, and I think I have had to strip once or twice over all these years. I use mostly BG pockets.

My home made detergent is borax, washing soda and grated dial currently. I read a long time ago not to use fels naptha (which when I did worked great IMO!) but I am trying to be as natural as I can and actually get clean diipes...

I am at a loss. It seems like no one really knows what is ok and what isnt with cloth diapers, every co has different rules and recommendations..arg. And dd is the only one in diapers now, and she is 1 so this wont matter for long

SO ANYWAY lol- I was considering just all out switching regular laundry and CDs to country save, and I can only seemingly find it in bulk. I wanted to know how you ladies compare it to other types and maybe even hopefully a similar home made detergent like I make. If you use it where do you buy it?
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