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Originally Posted by keen1981

I don't join the better mom debates. And I'm sorry you feel I am snarky. My personality is different than yours. I speak it how I think it and that's what was in my mind. I get a lot of people PM me who say they agree with my posts but fear speaking their thoughts like I do. Because people on DS immediately attack someones opposite views.. It's true. You must be one of them. How sad.

I am not exactly sure where I think
I am a better mom, in this thread.... Feel free to pm me where I say that. I think it's a riot when I can disagree with something/ and get a comments like yours.

I think
Increasing your child's bra size to
Look like she has breasts twice the size as her natural ones, interesting. Where or how I said I was a better mOm- I'm confused. Lol. A modest bra. Slight padding- maybe. Two sizes?? So she's likely an A right now- going to a C. Blows my mind. At 15?

Feel free to block me if you don't care for me. I'd take no offense. My opinion is just that. MINE. I personally don't attack others in threads. If I
Don't like what they say it's that.

I don't think you'd find many people (moms) anywhere in support of how early we are allowing young girls to use their bodies as their source of self esteem. Big boobs don't teach a child self respect. Even the greatest children can have serious body issues. And a parent never know. Even the greatest children break under social pressures and I do think boundaries on sexualizing a teenagers body is in the realm of parenting.

This moms boundaries are obviously much further than what I had in my life. I am grateful my
Mom taught me to love what I
Have. I have extremely small breasts. I am also now a runner so they are even smaller. And I am okay with that. Finally. It started with my mom though. Having boundaries for me to not pretend my breasts were huge.

I remember water bras coming out at that age. I wanted one. They felt real after all!! And my mom flat out asked me- why I felt the need to wear a bra like that. I still remember how important that conversation was in my young, mold able mind. so, again, for me- I can't relate to a child getting a bra like that.

Does any of this make her a bad parent? I don't think I said that. In my experience, looking back- I am thankful my mom took a different approach. I rock a small A cup. And as much I thought big breasts would change things for me when I was younger- I realize they would not change what was most important and that was loving myself. As an adult I can now get implants. And have chosen not to. Not that I disagree with them in adulthood or anything- I just really have learned to
Love me.

Sorry for the tangent. Lol. I didn't personally attack OP. so vmomma, you can take this time to block me

And AGAIN I entered the thread not knowing what a bombshell bra was . So I had no intent on doing anything other than reading the thread and commenting. My thoughts are my
Own. Not sure when I rode in on my stallion. Lol
"Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgement that something else is more important than fear." -- Ambrose Redmoon
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