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Re: How long did you co-sleep for?

Co-slept with #1 for nearly 5 years. We tried many times beginning at 2 years old to get her out of our bed and it did not work. A few weeks before she was to start kindergarten, I was also very pregnant and we talked about how she was going to be a big girl in school, a big sister, etc. and it was time she had her own big girl bed. She totally bought it. For the first time in our marriage (we were married after she was born) we had the bed to ourselves. For 3 months, #2 was born.

#2 stayed in our bed for 2 years. She was pretty independent so when I became pregnant again we decided to move her out. We started with a toddler bed in our room and she loved it. Eventually, she moved into a twin bed in her sister's room and that worked well. We left the toddler bed in our room and she was welcome to come back at any time. Sometimes she did, sometimes she didn't.

#3 and #4 (not twins, 19 months apart and co-slept with both at the same time after #4 was born) stayed in our bed until the were 4.5 & 3 years old. Mostly because #3 had abdominal migraines frequently when he was young and got so good at throwing up at night that he wouldn't even wake up to do it. (By the way, nothing like waking up to someone vomiting on your neck!) When he outgrew them, we moved them both to a queen sized bed in their own room.

The kids are now 15, 10, 7, & 6 and all sleep well in their own beds. Also, they all know (even the 15 year old) that they are welcome in our room anytime they need. They hardly ever come down, but they have. Maybe 5 times a year or so.
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