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Re: How do you help kids purge without the meltdown tears?

If it is a big deal to your children I wouldn't push it too much. I do view my children's things as being theirs, not mine to do with as I want.

When I toss something of mine I include my kids & ask them if they have anything they need to get rid of. Example: hey, I noticed I need to throw away this broken ink pen and a frying pan I always thought was crummy - do you have anything we should add in? what about xxx, it looked broken last time I saw it.

Could you suggest buying one new toy in exchange of them letting go of x amount of toys they've outgrown? Or just having a if it's broken, stained, damaged we toss it rule? Large scale decluttering could be really stressful for some & I avoid doing it with other peoples stuff. I do love large scale organizing of my kids stuff, but that's a different story
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