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Re: How can I reintroduce the breast? Help!

I EPed for DS1 since birth and he never took to the breast. DS2 nursed for his first day but then due to a NICU stay and latching troubles I EPed for him until he was alittle more than 10 weeks old. I nursed him at least once a day while in the NICU and attempted several times per day once home. We used a shield as well. He also had trouble with bottles and pumping with expensive this time around (renting hospital grade). Personally what I found did the trick with us was switching to the Breastflow bottles and persistance. The breastflow bottles were much easier for him to handle and were as close to BFing as I could get. PlusI never gave up. Every day I tried.

An SNS could be helpful as well, but I found it to be more of a hinderance than anythign so it's just sitting unused now. We're still using the shield but I've since found out he has a recessive chin which makes it harder for him to get a good seal which the shield helps with.

Don't give up! But don't beat yourself up either. See a good LC or IBCLC and just keep on offering!

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