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New to cloth dipes!

Hello Everyone!

I am new to cloth diapering, I have been offically using them for one day! LOL but I am in love with prefolds, I have tried my friends 2 in 1s and a bumgenius thing and yeah, I love the prefold! I think its easy and fun and it just looks comfy!

I am a babywearing mama and right now I own a babyhawk mei tai and a beautiful homemade one I bought from a second hand store....and also working on buying my friends Dolcino!

I have 4 gorgeous babies, 2 peoples, 2 cats Sylas & Persephone - Norman & Doris.

My cats are Cornish rexes and I am OBSESSED with the breed and hope to be a breeder one day I love them!

Oh and my name is Mel
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