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Re: WOW- where'd my 'roll' go???

Originally Posted by crnchy_mama_lala View Post
I agree with this! Now that I've started the process of purging I get frustrated with the clutter that's left so much more easily. I am also starting to feel like it will never be done because I've been at it for so long and am still going. I know in a lot of ways it will be an ongoing process for the rest of my life (people will always give us gifts, we will always outgrown clothes or wear them out, etc) but it's tiring to deal with.
i wanted to send u & to let u know that u wont always b purging truck loads of stuff. it will get to b less & less to the point where @ time u will b looking for stuff to purge when your in the mood. (like i have been :giggle) also, it will get to the point when a major purge used to b bags & bags fill up the car to a bag of clothing your child just outgrew or a few items here & there u decided u no longer need. i remember when i started out. the beging is the hardest. it dose get easer over time.
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