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My DD is 19 months and RF in all of her seats. We have 3, one in my car, her dad's car, and my parents, who watch her when I'm at work.

My car is a 2000 (?) Lexus IS300. DD rides in the True Fit. I like it because it is compact. She hasn't hit 22 pounds yet, so no headrest which is nice. The seatbelt install was relatively easy. There's no latch in my car. For some reason I could not get it in the center, so it is outboard. I had to twist the belt stalk to get the seat belt in the lock offs, but it's solid now. My parents didn't like continuous harness, but I really do.

In my parents car DD is in a Roundabout. She's in the center, seatbelt install. I tried latch outboard and couldn't get it tight enough for some reason. The seatbelt install was so easy though! Oh, and they drive a big Lexus SUV. I don't know the model. It's a 2003 I think

And finally! In her dad's car she's in a Safety First Guide. Seatbelt install, outboard in a 2008 Nissan Rogue. It did require a rolled towel. I really like how compact this seat is. It's a great buy, and I found it much easier to install than the Scenara (MIL who is out of state has one for her). It also seems more comfortable as far as padding.

I don't really use the Guide with her since it's in her dad's car. But between the Roundabout and True Fit, I don't know that I have a favorite. I like them each for different reasons. She seems more comfortable sleeping in the Britax because the TF is so wide and her head slumps horribly. But I love the removable headrest on the TF. They're both great seats, honestly!
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