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Re: Recommend YOUR seat that YOU love!

I love Chico keyfits 30s for infants & Sunshine Radians after that. We had keyfits in an F-250 & Chrysler town & country. We used to have Radians in our f-250 & Town & Country, now the radians are in our F-250 & Prius. We have had Britax Boulevards in our F-250 but I didn't like them.

We've almost never switched seats from vehicle to vehicle & always keep seats installed in our 2 primary vehicles (except for once a year when we travel to visit my family put seats in their cars). We only tried the boulevards because they were cheaper than the nice Radians & just going in the vehicle we used less frequently. We used the britax RF for a couple months & had to toss them. We didn't want to drive our truck because we felt the radians installed in our van were safer. We actually debated driving both vehicles out to our horses so we could haul hay in the truck but have our LOs in the safer sets in our van - that debate sealed the deal about needing another set of new seats. The Britax were not as solidly built , secure, or trim fitting as our Radians. We've installed the radians in 3 of our vehicles (f-250, T&C, Prius), ODDs car (Altima), & tried them in my sister & mom's vehicles (cougar, Durango, Tahoe, & dodge truck) and in every vehicle we were able to insure there was NO wiggle room. Britax does have more colors/prints than radian - but that shouldn't matter, it's just the only positive I can I give them. We've used the Radians RF & FF, we only used our chico infant seats RF. My girls are now 3.75 yrs old, & just over 35 lbs each. I don't recall their weight when we tried the boulevards but they were probably 20-25 lbs then.

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