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Re: Recommend YOUR seat that YOU love!

Originally Posted by mrosehughes View Post
The convertibles we own/owned are a radian XTSL, complete air 65, and britax blvd (old style).

DS is a big kid (41" and 40 lbs at just over 3), so that weighs heavily on what we love.

The blvd was so so easy to install and tighten the harness, but the leg room stunk. DS started to look cramped in that seat by about 10 months, and got too close for comfort to the weight limit very young. We sold it.

I really *like* our radian, but I wouldn't say love. It has great leg room. It installs great in our corolla without an angle adjuster, and in our Prius with an angle adjuster. I like that it can be installed RFing as upright as you can get it. I like the high weight and height limits. We use it for travel and I like the backpack option. Two things keep it from getting *love*: the lack of continuous harness (although admittedly this hasn't been a huge issue) and the harness adjuster (it is sometimes a pain to get tight).

FWIW, the only seat I'd say I loved was DS's keyfit.

Also, I don't like the complete air for RFing very much at all, but I think it's a great FFing seat.

ETA: the width of the radian is also a bonus. But another negative is that the RFing boot has to be attached (it doesn't just push in like for the CA) and that the AA is necessary for install in some cars (eg, a Prius).
The AA is not necessary for radians in the 2012 Prius, don't know about other years.
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