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Re: Has anyone used the Flip trainer?

Originally Posted by ssand23 View Post
My son is wearing one now. We've had ours for over a year now & have been very happy with them. You can even use them as a diaper on a larger child who outgrew one-size diapers (that's what we've been doing). Since my son is an extremely heavy wetter due to medical problems, I double up & use 2 inserts at once. I have even used the disposable Flip inserts in them with good results and have also wrapped the organic cotton inserts inside a Cotton Babies suedecloth sock at times to make them a stay dry option.

They are easy to get off & on, still fit my son at 42 lbs, have held up well in the wash and are very soft and absorbent. They have also held up to nighttime, naps and long car trips with out any leaks. I've been really impressed with how well they work and I would recommend them over other trainers.
This is exactly what I have been wondering, if people used these for larger babies. What is the rise on them? (can't seem to find this listed anywhere).

My son is longwaisted and gets plumber's crack in BG 4.0's and is almost at that point in the few Freetimes that I have for him, so I was thinking that the other BG products would probably be not good for him either.
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