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Re: ~~December~~ Chicken Moma Chat Thread. :) Come chat!

I always got such a bad feeling about her dh. I can't believe it. She just got one of her older girls back too, so there's three at home that I know of. So sad.

Sarah I thought you had way more than that? (babies)

Sorry I've been mia, trying to get Christmas stuff taken care of, busy busy busy! Little chickie-poos are doing great, haven't found a feeder spillage solution that works really well with this group yet though. Driving me nuts how much they are wasting. I just throw it out in the garden, the big girls pick it up so at least it's not a total waste but STILL! grr... they are feathering in fast now. Being a little skittish so I need to spend more time holding them this week.

Big girls are doing good also, Fred is sure taking a lot of fluff off their backs though, thinking I'm going to be doing a apron making marathon. I don't want them down to bare skin. Stupid boy.
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