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Re: eczema treatments and dry winter skin??

Non-cultured dairy is a huge trigger for my son, and his also seems to get worse as winter approaches. Some strongly scented laundry detergents will make him flare as well, others do not. All laundry gets an extra rinse, though.

DS does the best if he gets a bath every day, BUT we have to take it easy on the soap. California Baby Super Sensitive or a natural bar soap with oatmeal and calendula work well for him, but we only wash his hair and butt and hands with soap daily, all of his other parts are soaped 1-2x per week. The key is to slather him in some sort of lotion/balm/oil immediately after bath time, if I'm using an oil I smear it on him while he's still in the tub, with lotions or balms he gets a quick rubdown to get most of the extra water off and then I put then I cover him in lotion.
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