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Re: Best NB diapers that wont break the bank !

For cheapies, you'll definitely want to go with prefolds/flats and covers. Someone had an awesome thread here that covered diapering a newborn for $17 - terry washcloths from walmart and homemade wool covers. Alvas would be another cheap option that are "easy."

I've managed to build up a NB stash for mine due in May that has a lot of variety. I don't mind spending a little more because I've had time to watch for really good sales. That way I can use and enjoy them and re-sell when I'm done. Good quality and brand NB dipes keep their value well. And even if I don't get tons of money back I'll still have a heck of a lot of fun cloth diapering a newbie from birth. I think of it as entertainment money.

The ones in my stash that I'm most excited about are the swaddlebees simplex, wool covers, and tots bots tini fit. I think those will hold on to their value fairly well too.
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