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Originally Posted by hcokasil
We used ecoposh and blueberry at home, I found them to be very comparable. they couldn't hold a whole accident(at least not for long) while we were out so I used flip trainers if I knew I was somewhere we could make frequent potty stops, or grovia if I wasn't sure. Grovia (with a grovia doubler) were the most absorbent for us, he could wear them through his naps and I really liked that!

sorry, i'm really bad at autocorrect and I don't like proof reading!
Thank you for the input. Very helpful!

I put her potty in her room yesterday at nap and she woke up dry then went pee on it. We've had no accidents. We won't be leaving the house until tomorrow morning though but at home she is doing great. She is in a disposable pull up currently but we need to figure something else out because they are too hard to pull down and up for her. We are going to Target and Diaper Junction tomorrow.

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