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Re: Cooking for larger families.

I just automatically double or triple or x4 a recipe. I always want to have leftovers as DH takes a serving to work and once a week we take out all the leftovers and that is our supper (tidbits of everything). Right now doubling will feed us all with a couple leftovers. Tripling or x4 will ensure a nice freezer meal or two for later eating.

My mom was the queen of soups (she would put pasta or rice in just about any soup so it can be a more full meal and then butter bread was the side) and casseroles to feed all of us kids. Because we raise our own chickens and cows I have more liberty than she did to use meats. But I would suggest making a greater amount of side dishes so the main dish will stretch (double your mashed potatoes and green beans so the family can have more of that if they are still hungry). And if you have tons extra make potato patties for the next supper.
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