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Re: How long did you co-sleep for?

My son will be 3 next month and I would like to get him out of my bed before a new baby comes (due in August) because I do not think he is a good candidate for cosleeping with a newborn. But my plan was to move him into bed with my husband before the new baby comes (yes, we sleep in separate beds/rooms). I don't think he is ready to sleep by himself, but even if he was, I'm not sure where we would put him because there is not really enough room for another bed in either of the bedrooms. I think we will eventually have to move my husband's office downstairs in order to make another bedroom for the kids. Anyway, I have to admit I was surprised to see the young ages mentioned by most of the posters here and I want to tell OP that you are not alone with a 3-year-old, and I suspect that when my second child is old enough I will move the 2 kids in to sleep with each other. If he wants to sleep alone before then, we will arrange it, but I don't see it happening in the foreseeable future.
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