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Re: How long did you co-sleep for?

Originally Posted by L&MsMamma View Post
I thought a therapists job was to help you make the right decisions for yourself not to be spouting their own opinions about how you chooses to raise your family...
It really bothers me when Drs give their opinions on things. Unless they are actually asked for their opinion, they should keep their mouth shut.

Technically, co-sleeping is having the child in the same room as you - be that in your bed or in their own bed. Bed-sharing is having them, obviously, in bed with you.
We've done both with our babies, the lengths of time depended on the kid, their night nursing habits, and our house size/# of bdrs.
DD - bed-shared for 2 weeks, then in her crib in her own room. I did bring her into bed for night nursing, but she started sleeping through the night (10-12hrs) at 3 weeks.
DS1 - bed-shared for a few weeks, then bassinet/crib in our room until he was 1 year. We moved his crib to share a room with DD then. Again, night nursed in our bed - I weaned him at 10 months because he was nursing all.night.long and I wasn't getting any sleep. Joke was on me... we conceived DS2 when I night weaned!
DS2 - bed-shared for the first couple weeks, then he preferred to sleep in the bassinet (and fall asleep on his own ). He was in our room until 18 months, then moved to share a room with DS1. (we bought a house in there, so now have 3 bdrs instead of 2) They still share a room, just have bunk beds now.
DS3 - bed-shared for the first few months, then bassinet/crib in our room until... well, he's still in his crib in our room because we have no other bdr to move him into! We're planning to build a room downstairs for DD, then move DS3 to her room up here.

None of my kids have troubles with getting to sleep (outside the normal stalling techniques employed by most kids!), and they all sleep through the night with no troubles, unless they're sick. They also never had any problems transitioning from a crib to a bed - although DS2 was over 3 years old when we moved him, he wasn't interested in leaving the crib before then.
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