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Re: How long did you co-sleep for?

My DS is nearly 8 months old and I'm considering transitioning him. I really like cuddling him at night, but now that he can crawl, roll, toss and turn I'm not getting as much sleep as I used to. But I'm also not looking forward the hard work of gently transitioning. I already know that I cannot put him down after I've nursed him to sleep unless he's in a reallllly deep sleep. The crib is already sidecarred to the bed and sometimes he rolls over there by himself. Not even sure how to begin this transition. Maybe I won't. Seems like a lot of work and effort for something he may not be ready for. He's our last baby so part of me wants to say it won't matter how long he is in our bed, but truth be told, I know I don't want him in there much longer than a 1-2 years MAX. I guess I just figured whenever he night weaned we'd transition him out.

ETA: whenever we do get him out of our bed, then our room and finally into DS's room, DS has said before he wants to sleep WITH DS2. Not sure if that'll still hold true in a couple years, but we'll see. I think by then we'll just purchase a twin bed and let them sleep together if that's what they want.
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