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Originally Posted by Mommyof4forme!

. I agree with you 100%!

I'd like to add a few pics of my DD in her bombshell bras since I feel like a lot of you have an idea of how she may look. She's a very conservative girl and as long as no one looks under her clothes, they have no idea what she's wearing under them .

And this is about as "sexy" as she dresses (only because she has to)

I don't buy her the padded bras to encourage her to sexualize her body or make her think she's not good enough, I buy them because that's what she wants and I personally don't think it's my place to choose her underwear! I personally feel it's no different than allowing make up (as this would send the message that her natural beauty isn't good enough), or coloring ones hair. As long as she's not wearing clothes that show off her breasts...I'm good (and she picks her own clothes, not me).
She's gorgeous! It sounds like you have a very well-rounded daughter. I wouldn't have any problem with any of the outfits she's wearing. At the end of the day, you know your daughter. We don't.

ETA: It sounds like you have decided to keep the bra. So, I didn't answer your original question for that reason.

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