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Re: July 2013 Weekly Chat: Dec. 3-Dec. 9

Originally Posted by themrshunt View Post
Great idea! I am so sorry for your losses. I have never experienced that so I can only imagine how difficult that must be. I hope you get your ultrasound, sounds like I have a bunch of those in my future.

AFM: I feel sick pretty much 24/7 right now. It is so bad that I start dry heaving whenever I get up to walk to the bathroom. I am so grateful my sister lives close and she has basically just taken DS in and is keeping him for me. I had him for a few hours Saturday and I about lost it when he had a poopy diaper, I feel so guilty that I can't take car elf him right now but I am glad that he is happy when he is with her and not missing me.
We had planned on having a homebirth this time around but with it being twins my midwife doesn't sound too keen on the idea so now I have to start looking for an OB that will allow me to have the birth I want. Do you usually just call and make a consultation appointment with a couple OBs and interview them? I've never done anything like this so I am kind of lost. I just know we are going to be praying long and hard for two vertex babies.
Have you tried a birthing center? Also, crackers at bedside, eating them before you get up?
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