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Re: Another Name Poll

Originally Posted by MrsAsh View Post
This ^ I always associate it with as a "animal name", not for a person. But this up and coming generation will have forgot all about that movie. And for some reason the name together sounds familiar, but I can't figure out why?? Anthony is one of my all time favorite boy names though! I voted OK. For me Anthony redeems Milo.
I can totally see what you mean about the animal name thing. I guess it's something that parents might think of, but not his peers. Thanks for the input, this is why I am asking. Because I think I like the name, but I want to know what others think of when they hear it.

I think the name sounds familiar too but I can't figure out why either! It must sound like some other well known name... but I can't figure out what. Marc Anthony maybe???

Originally Posted by NappyChappy View Post
I like Milo but not Anthony. I would be worried people might call him Tony. Not a fan but I do really like Milo!
Thanks for offering your reason. This helps me a lot. We almost never actually use or say middle names, except on a birth announcement. So I am 99% sure nobody would ever call him Tony or Anthony for that matter. Heck, my dad didn't even know what my kids middle names were the other day. He had completely forgotten. I don't actually like the sound of Tony or Anthony all that much myself, but I love St. Anthony and wanted to use the name to honor him as a middle name/patron saint.
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