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Completely appropriate. She hits b/c she doesnt have the words she needs yet. Having a new baby is what more then likely started it off. When TO is over and youre explaining why she was there if she strikes out again have TO start over. Have your key phrase-short and to the point-'hitting hurts! Time out.' and walk away.

Introduce appropriate ways to show her anger too-as soon as you see her upset and by example. I taught my girls to slap their knee and say 'bummer dude!' which came out 'bum due' lol but let me know they were upset so I could then try to calm them. The best thing I did was the caveman talk 'oh dd mad. Dd want x, mama said not now, dd mad mad mad.' Or whatever emotion and have it reflect in facial expressions and tone. Then tell her when-if possible- she can x or offer y instead. If you can see her getting upset start caveman talking to her right then. 9 times out of 10 knowing you understand her frustration will stop the undesired behavior/s. If not, then back to the 'hitting hurts! Time out.' and walking away.

Also try to limit the no's. Instead of 'no, you cant go outside' say 'after we have lunch we'll go outside! ' Offering as many choices as you can will also help. Her world has been turned upside down and its scary and confusing for her. But if youre consistant-and calm-this too shall pass.
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