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Re: How much drinking is acceptable when youre raising children?

Originally Posted by Agla View Post
I will not be locking my liquor cabinet. Our hope is that as we model responsible consumption and have frequent conversations with our children they will see it as something that can be enjoyed in moderation and not something to suck down just to get trashed. Locking it to me seems to make it taboo and secretive and somehow more attractive.

Although we don't have a liquor cabinet, this is our plan too. We do let the boys smell or taste a little if they want. DS1 thinks it's nasty but DS2 is the kid of kid who wants to taste everything and says he likes everything.

On my side of the family there is alcoholism and depression (my great-grandfather committed suicide by shooting himself in front of my great-grandmother when he had been depressed and drinking).

My mom enjoyed reminding us kids, most of who experimented w/alcohol, that we have alcoholism in our blood and we shouldn't touch the stuff. IDK, I'm not sure that was the healthiest way to teach us about it but I think I always had it in the back of my mind, what my great-grandfather did. I won't hide that from the boys, either, when they're older. Right now I think they're still a little young to really understand, so for now DH and I just tell them that a little is okay, but any more can affect your brain and liver in hurtful ways.
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