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Re: Will part-time underwear be confusing? / Update:Full time underwear!

So I braved bringing my LO to the grocery store in trainers today. Of course she had just peed and pooed on the potty and they were waterproof flip trainers, but still it was a big step for me! And I've decided that next Sunday I'm bringing her to church in trainers! She's been dry at church for weeks, and the ladies in the nursery said they'd bring her potty. So I guess little steps. But it's funny because even today I put her on the little potty and she didn't go, then 5 minutes later I tried her on the big potty with an insert for her to sit on, and she peed and pooed! I'll never understand a toddler's mind! I think I'm quite nervous about her peeing in the undies and getting her pants wet and all that entails...interestingly enough I had my older daughter go cold turkey to undies at 20 months without even ECing her prior to that I just dealt with wet pants with her for a few weeks while we were out. Maybe it was different because it was warm then, who knows. Thanks for the encouragement! My family and friends think I'm a little crazy.
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