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Re: push position

Started out pushing on the toilet- somehow was the only place I felt comfortable (I was so worried about peeing! I'd had a lot of fluids due to induction after PROM).

Once she started crowning I waddled to the bed and was on my hands and knees (facing the back of the bed). I got tired and we couldn't get the bed to sit up for more support (come to find out it had come unplugged!!! Ugh!)

I turned over to my back. I was in various reclined positions and ended up pushing her out mostly flat on my back because I kept slipping and the darn bed wasn't working and the didn't fix it for me before she was born. I wasn't the most comfortable but she had a couple heart decels so I just pushed her out with all I had and was done before they got the bed plugged back in.

Next time I'm hoping to use the tub more than I did and have a waterbirth if it works out that I'm comfortable. I got out of the tub quickly with DD because I kept needing to pee- stupid IV fluids!
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