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Re: ~~December~~ Chicken Moma Chat Thread. :) Come chat!

How about puttin a pair of peepers on him? For spill proof, I found the round feeder that uses a mason works well. I do deep shavings, so I use a little butter dish with a big lid from a thing of coffee on top. I then set the feeder on it in a corner. The long one I hang now for bigger gals.

May sound funny, but when it's time to clean the brooders, once a week, I dump the shavings in the big run so the girls can pick all the treats and feed out of it. it also keeps a little shavings in the run, It's slanted ground so they all end up down the hill, lol. Sometimes they hear something and flip out, spilling the feeder, so there's always some feed in the bottom.

I lost 1 to a broken leg, (2inside with the dang feeder with dislocated hocks), 5 roos put down the other day, now......1 put down today. Can't remember what I started with, but I have 8 now. One is a bantam from one of the 2 bantams we had. I have her fs. I don't want any bantams. She's silver penciled. Perhaps I should keep her, lol. SOOOOO georgious and she holds her own to be teeny!
This is her:
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