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Seems like he understands to me You asked if he was going to throw it, he said yes, you gave it to him, and he threw it.

If the rule is only to throw balls then take whatever else is being thrown away for the rest of the day. Also dont talk so much. Im constently telling dh to keep it short and to the point lol Ds throws object, you say 'jesus isnt for throwing. Throw this ball.' And hand him a ball-if thats allowed inside. Other wise just say 'jesus isnt for throwing' and put it away until after he goes to bed. Thats it. Period. The end No long drawn out, multiple explanations(toddlers stop listening after 5-7words so save your energy), no 2nd, 3rd chances (unless you want to teach him mama doesnt really mean what she says-which giving him 5chances will do). Toddlers are way smarter then most give them credit for. Make a rule, a consquence and follow through the very *first* time he disobeys. Some behaviors can be ignored. Definitly pick your battles! But if you ignore, then threaten, dont follow through right away but only later, then allow him to do the same exact thing minutes later will not teach him that rules are to be followed each and every time.
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