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Re: TTC 30+ 12/7-12/21

Quite weekend here. Yesterday we went out to my parent's house to decorate the first round of Christmas Cookies. DS is coming down with something so we stayed home today. DD was really upset about missing church.
QOTWEarliest memory. I have so many starting around 3. The most vivid one was when we were at a auction, which was nearly every weekend because we worked the concessions for the 4-H club. It was raining. I was wearing my rainbow raincoat and pink mud boots. My mom sent me from the concession stand to my dad because the lamp that she really wanted was getting ready to go on the block. My father was wearing his yellow raincoat that he wore on the farm, there were a ton of yellow raincoats everywhere. I thought I had found my dad, I tugged on his raincoat, and this guy looked down and it wasn't him. I remember feeling so scared, then I felt my dad pick me up right as I started to cry. He had spotted me with my rainbow coat in the sea of yellow and he held me tight. Daddy won the lamp for my mom right after as well.

I tested yesterday and today (8 & 9dpo??), mostly because I have just had such a bout with these cramps, the strange spotting and sore breast. Of course it was a bfn. I have no idea if I O'd or not, my temps have been all over since they bottomed out a few days ago after I had a few high temps. Still lots of AF like cramping, lots of CM. I guess time will tell. If I haven't O'd I am afraid of missing it.

I hope it is ok to post this next part: Surely ok on TTC forum???
A friend of my sent me to a blog that has the 12 Lays of Christmas. (I am too lazy to look at DS rules right now about posting about other blogs.) Basically it was modifying the Song 12 Days of Christmas to inspire 12 days of intimacy. I think I will modify it, but the challenge starts on December 13th if anyone is interested.
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