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Re: What to do with my just turn 2 DD?

I really don't agree with the societal push towards very early reading, writing and math. I try to foster communication, curiosity, attentiveness, perseverance and love of learning through conversation, play type activities, music, crafts, etc in my 2 year old but I have never done any formal "lesson". She has naturally picked up shapes, colors and most letters. Many of my sahm friends have their 2 year olds in preschool this year and I just don't see the benefit. I try not to compare my child to another child scholastically or otherwise...they are their own people and what you know at 3 years old is not an indication of where you will be at 10 or 20 or 30. IMO a normal/advanced intelligence kid does not need to be ahead of his peers in formal subjects going into school...IMO it does a disservice to the child as the biggest part of early education is learning how to learn in that setting. If the child already knows what is being taught it is a recipe for distraction and lazy study habits.

Disclaimer: I have been in school for 25 of my 29 years of life. Education is lifelong and structured, formal education is DRAINING. I am about to finish my PhD and I have taught many VERY smart engineering students who have trouble with independent thought (vs. recitation). Our society and school system has such a binge-and-purge learning structure and IMO it really isn't good for fostering practical problem solving and complex thought.

OK. rant over. sorry it is a little off topic
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