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Re: What to do with my just turn 2 DD?

I will be the voice of dissent. I don't think early learning is harmful for children and if I could go back I would have done more with my older children. I regret waiting so long to start teaching reading and other preschool skills to my oldest.

I don't think you should push toddlers or do formal stuff but I think little brains are primed for learning just like they pick up language they can pick up other stuff too. It sounds like what you are doing is fine. She already knows a lot for a 2 year old. However you are teaching her is working since she picked up so much. You can do letter sounds and rote counting of objects next. Once she knows sounds reading bear and starfall is a great resource. They might not get anything from it but it certainly isn't harmful.

Most of a toddlers time should be spent playing and exploring and they need lots of time for undirected play. They should spend a lot of their time playing and being creative and a lot of time outdoors no matter the season. You can go outside in the winter

I also think that you can take a little bit of time when they are little and teach them stuff as long as they are happy to do it. If they show signs of resistance you stop and try again at another time. There is no pressure when they are 2 and if you feel pressured stop and take a step back ad realize she is just a toddler and has plenty of time. Early learning isn't a negative thing as long as there is no pressure and it is something they like and it doesn't get in the way of play which is the most important thing. Also it is important to not compare kids or start worrying that they are behind if they just are not interested.

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