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Re: ~~December~~ Chicken Moma Chat Thread. :) Come chat!

RE: fred, it's from mating, not plucking. Such a horndog, he's got 14 girls (but won't mate his two sisters, so he's mating 12 of them) and he's still giving them a bare spot by the tail from mating. I'm hoping to add another two females from the babies I just hatched. Lord help my poor girls come spring. Maybe by then he'll be tired.

I'm hoping with adding the two babies, I'll have more EE production and since they'll be beginning to lay around that time that I'll have more diversity for hatching. If I do get a roo out of these chicks I'd like to save it long enough to mate it to Fred's sisters, particularly Greta. She's lovely, and I'd like some chicks from her.

That's the type of feeder I'm using, set inside a big plastic tray. I took the jar off and I've just been filling it as needed and it seems like that's helping a bit, keeping the feed from being so close to the top where it gets kicked out.

your little penciled girl is so pretty. I'd keep her if nobody harasses her.

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