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Thanks mamas for your encouragements. . We love to play outdoors too but the weather turn cold this time of year . Looking forward to Spring . We will start our Kumon books next year and I bet we will have fun folding, cutting and sticking stickers. I bought some wooden puzzles and she loves it, I can c the improvement in her puzzle solving skill. We have mega blocks too. And yes, we r working on teaching her to drink from a cup, washing her hands, etc.

HELP: I am running out of idea what books should I read to her!!! How do u decided what books to buy or borrow from the library? How u know the book is appropriate for her level?
Try a couple different levels from the library and see what she's interested in. Id say no more than 3 sentences a page. Most research has shown that kids who start school "ahead" in reading/math even out by the 3rd grade anyway
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