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Originally Posted by Kätzchen
I think it would be very normal to leave the new baby intact. It seems like more and more babies in the U.S. are intact, many of which have circumcised older siblings.
not weird at all! Actually, statistically, circ'ing is quickly becoming the "weird" thing now!

Originally Posted by Momma2theJs
I walked to the nursery looking for my baby after he'd been gone from my room for a long time, and I peeked in the window of the nursery entrance. He was strapped down to a board screaming by himself. I cried and cried and cried about the decision I'd made. My otherwise healthy infant was back at the hospital 2 days later because he got a terrible infection despite my METICULOUS cleaning efforts. At every pediatrician appointment, even though I retracted what was left at EVERY diaper change, the ped would pull it back even more and my child would SCREAM. It was a terrible, awful experience. Please be informed of what it involves if you choose circumcision. I was not and I regret it every single stinking day. As a pregnant and hormonal momma again, I still cry thinking about it and he's almost 8 years old.
I heard a *very* similar story from a female OB in our town who was very vocal to mothers about leaving their boys intact. A friend of mine used her throughout her pregnancy/birth, heard her story, proceeded with the circumcision on HER son, and regretted it. Another best friend of mine had to hunt for a Dr that would perform a circ, which they chose to do because her husband was circ'ed. She regrets it deeply.

I don't think the status of other family members' genitalia should have any bearing on the choice you make for this child - it would just be another way (of many) in which this child will be different from Dad & older brothers! DH is circ'ed but DS is not - DH's status was never a consideration.
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