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Toddler/Kid Room Furniture?

We are finally looking at furniture and want to buy something that can last our daughter from 2 through her teenage years. I'm ok with not getting the toddler bed and just getting the normal size since most of the time she falls asleep on our bed still instead of the crib (yes, still trying to move her out lol).
The bedroom is decent sized and can fit the double bed or a single bed with the extra furninture. So I am so lost?:

My main issue - is it better to get a kid a double or a twin bed? (she's 2 now but I don't want to buy/sell/buy etc)

What else do I get? I figure I should get a dresser/mirror since it's a girl, and a night table. Then once she gets a tad older a desk + chair and that's it?
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