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Re: What to do with my just turn 2 DD?

Originally Posted by cdeweese View Post
I take my DD to the library and let HER pick out the books she wants. Also, letting her experiment with different writing utensils and playing with play-doh are really fun for her while working on fine motor skills. She is 2 1/2 and is just now liking "worksheet" type activities (because she gets stickers to decorate after she finishes them). But I honestly just use that sort of thing to help her learn to sit still. At this age, it's more about teaching them to love learning and to pay attention. The most my DD can sit to work on anything is 15-20 minutes (and this includes fun art activities). If you try too much too early, you risk making her dislike school and learning.
this. I was going to recommend play - doh . That will strengthen her hand muscles making cutting and writing easier.
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