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Re: I need ideas for the proper punishment for 11 y/o for lying

I don't have a really good consequence idea.

But, it isn't only the's lying, AND not taking care of her responsibilities. She was responsible for the dog while you cooked. But, she chose to let the dog be uncomfortable because she didn't want to be uncomfortable. (in the cold) or to clean up poop.

So, maybe instead of grounding, she needs some new responsibilities, and less time to relax on her tablet or watching tv. Not an actual punishment, but more of a "I see you don't want to do your job right, so I am going to make sure you have more time to do what I ask, by making sure you have less time on your computer/tv/book"

Then discuss a new responsibility she can have in addition to helping with the dog's poop. She might hate cleaning up dog poop...but, It's a part of life and she will get over it. I hate unloading the dishwasher, yet that stupid thing is full every day or so.

I wouldn't let her off the hook for the dog poop... but, i'd make sure she realizes who suffers most for her ignoring the dog's needs, and it isn't her...she needs to understand that it's the dog who suffers. She is still really young, and probably doesn't realize that other people get angry about dog poop, or that the dog doesn't feel very good, or needs to walk longer or whatever...but, she's old enough to understand after it's been explained a few times. (maybe more than a few times)

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