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Re: Milk Supply Struggles and Baby Coming

I have 6 kids, 4 nursing "experiences" since I have 2 sets of twins. So, not as many as you, but I've struggled a lot with my supply and yeast and mastitis and preemie issues and latch issues and...and...and the list goes on. Every experience has been just a little different. I'm 8wks into nursing my 6th. So far, this is the best experience I've had. My supply is great and my baby is really gaining, which is not the norm for me. I usually have slow gainers who have to go back for weight checks constantly. This one is actually in the 75% or something like that for weight. I've also really struggled with yeast and nursed with very severe pain throughout most of my other experiences. I was in significant pain much more often than not and it ended my nursing with my oldest at 6 months because the pain was so bad. Somehow, I have fought the yeast this time and won. I was in severe pain from it again early on, but I've managed to get rid of it. This time, it's so different and wonderful.

The only thing I've really done differently (outside of not having preemie twins or NICU time this time ) is start taking my supplements right away. I didn't wait for my supply to show signs of being low. I just started. Plus, I am taking TONS more Fenugreek than ever before, 6 pills 3x's a day. In the past I've used a supplement that has really helped too. It's called More Milk Plus. I actually used the More Milk Special Blend and that seemed to do better for me. Here is a link to the site: The liquid works better than the pills and the liquid in alcohol works better than the one without. I'm not using it this time...yet. I'm sort of saving that for when my supply drops because I know it will.

Anyway, that is my experience. I hope this time is better for you too.
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