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Re: How much detergent?

Originally Posted by janeen0225 View Post
Here's what I do. Be warned -- my philosophy is lots of detergent and lots of rinsing. My water is probably medium in terms of hardness.

I add vinegar to the first prewash to help break down the ammonia salts. I add the maximum amount of free & clear detergent plus a full scoop of oxyclean to the long, hot wash with an extra rinse. I have a front loader and do all of that with no spin.

Finally, I give it one more quick cycle (not just rinse) on cold with spins to rinse the heck out of it.
I feel very similar to the bolded. I believe its far better to use the full reccomended amount or even a bit more and have to rinse more than to sue soo little it "rinses" clean but doesn't actually get the gunk out.
My rouninue is similar but a bit simplier

Prewash- nothing or around 1/4 cup bleach
long hot wash with Targets pristine clean detergent to the 4 line about 1/2 cap.. including extra rinse
warm quick wash to finish rinsing

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