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Originally Posted by mcpforever
I have a 10yo DS and while we haven't dealt with this issue in a while, when we do, the punishment is that he can't be out of our sight since he has shown us that we can't trust him. He still goes to school, but he has to be in the same room with me at all times unless he is sleeping or I am using the restroom. Even then, he has to stand outside the door and talk to me the whole time. If he has to use the restroom, he has to wait until it's a convenient time for me and keep the door open.

He gets frustrated really quickly that he can't just live his life the way he is used to doing. Things like getting a toy from his room or checking to see that his little brother doesn't undo his latest lego creation are a much bigger hassle for him, because he has to wait for dear old mom to finish folding her laundry or sweeping the floor or posting on DS.

ETA: Leslie, we were posting at the same time. I am just too wordy!
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