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Originally Posted by mamatoclaire View Post

Beautiful mama!!

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I did ok this weekend even while traveling! Didn't lose, but didn't gain.
Nervous about this next weekend, and this week. I'm finishing a masters program this week, presentation next weekend. I'm a monster procrastinator, and I still have to write chapters 1 & 6 and edit 2, 4, and 5. I'm a stress eater. In fact, I was so stressed this am that I ate all of my calories in S'more poptarts before noon. 8 200 calorie poptarts . WTH? Who does that??? Major food issues. Anyhow, i kept under my calorie goal and worked out, too (well, shoveling snow - we got 12" and it's still coming down!)
On another note, anyone a pro at APA and love editing? :grin:

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