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Re: Plugged duct

Originally Posted by SurprisinglyCrunchy View Post
Take a hot shower and brush a wide tooth comb against your breast (at the plug) toward your nipple. It works better if you bend at the waist so your breast is hanging down. It sounds really weird, but that's the only thing that has consistently worked for me.

If you have issues with recurrent plugs, you can take lecithin.
I just saw your post. I'll definatly check out your post. The lump is really deep in my breast though. The milk thats coming out isn't a funny color so thats encouraging. Milk just been pouring out of my left side all day so Im starting to feel better. I pumped alot last night and this morning and I think it helped it just took a little to feel the results. I'vebeen taking ibupofen for the pain. I really want to avoiding taking an antibiotic at all costs because we finally got over trush that lastedfor months and I dont want it to come back. Thanks for your help.
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