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Re: Toddler/Kid Room Furniture?

I agree, twin bed or bunk beds (so friends can spend the night later). My boys share a room not because they have to but because they want to. They have a bunk bed set and a 4 drawer chest of drawers. They do have a dresser, it was mine when I was a child and it was my mother's before that. It did have a mirror at one time but I never used it so I got rid of it years ago. The boys have a TV on it and use the drawers to store movies and video games. I'm sure there are other furniture options out there that would be far more efficient for this purpose, but this one happened to be free which I appreciate. They also have a giant Lane cedar chest in their closet. It was originally a toy chest but I prefer toys be on shelves or in baskets where they are clearly accessible. All toys other than stuffed animals are in the playroom anyway (this is part of the reason they share a room) so the lane chest is actually for storing extra sheets and blankets. They do not have a night stand but they do have a cheap plastic three drawer storage container that holds cd's, a few movies that didn't fit in the dresser, bracelets, and of course their cd player/alarm clock. They also have a giant book case in their bedroom which uses up the rest of the space in there.
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