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Originally Posted by weesej View Post
It really isn't safe to use straight goat's milk. It is too concentrated in some vitamins and lacking in some for a baby. It should be diluted by 1/3... as in 3 cups milk, 1 cup water and then add Brewer's Yeast and Blackstrap Molasses. (That is too add in the B Vitamins and Iron it needs) I can get you exact amounts if you need it. I used goat's milk successfully as a formula replacement for several children

I cut it with distilled water, when I started out I used blackstrap molasses but after some research decided not to since it is horrible for teeth.

Edit: When I used the word "straight" I just meant I don't as yeast or molasses or carrot juice or etc.

And she gets a daily multivitamin and also gets nutrients from some solids we are introducing her to

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