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Originally Posted by Silver)O(Moon View Post
I am happy it worked for you! Keep in mind that whole goat milk does have lactose in it though. Lactose is milk-based sugar, and its definitely a milk. Breast milk sugar is also lactose. So it may be the cow's milk protein that was the problem.

I wish it had worked for us! We have tried whole raw goat milk and various homemade formulas several times but it always gave DS have terrible smelling spit ups and constipation. We are stuck with powdered commercial stuff, but its what his body can handle. Every kid is different!
it could be, I am extremely lactose intolerant but also have small reactions to lactose free products just not as intense as regular products.

When I breastfed her she was always in pain and violently spitting up, I did consume some dairy but hardly any I just assumed she was having a reaction to lactose going through my milk. She was switched to soy and she was still spitting that up but not nearly as bad as my breast milk and not nearly as gassy as my breastmilk she just seemd more comfortable. Since she's been on goats milk she only seems to spit up if she is too full. And she just seems happy on it. I know some people are weary of it but its working for us, I did a bunch of research and what sold me were personal testimonies of people who were fed it as a baby and also chose to feed it to their children in place of lack of breastmilk or formula.
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