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Originally Posted by jesajane
Thanks, guys. I am soooo encouraged by this. I was feeling like I wanted to send her back to school. Like I couldn't do this. But knowing it really is ok to take a break is very reassuring.

We are just doing the basics right now. Basically reading and math. The only "extra" is that I'm trying to finish the pilgrim history with her. Yeah, pilgrims in December. And I try to get her watercolor painting out so she has art class, but really it helps me when she is occupied for half an hour.

Again, thank you. I'm afraid of letting her down and failing her in this endeavor. It's good to hear the voices of experience.
Remember...public schools take breaks too! Our school's last day of school is this Thursday, and we don't go back until January 7th, so 24 days off.
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