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Originally Posted by 3lilbubs
OOps, clarifying that I don't mean like snow on the ground every day or even every week. I guess it sounded like that huh? What I meant is that I'm a few hours from Vegas and we get these super cold storms that time of the year off the coast and often there's flurries and some snow in the mountains. It's actually the coldest time of the year for us. Just not something I'd be thrilled about if I was on vacay. That's funny that you say that Katie, they always make a big deal about how nevada got hit every time we get one of these on the news. What's your elevation there?
About 2000 feet. Snow is very rare here in the valley. It can get windy and nights are about 38. But it is far from cold during the day for non-natives.

I dont think the strip has even had measurable snow in over 10 years. I dont even think it has flurried there in 10 years.

We are 15 min from the strip and had 1/4 of an inch last year. It was on the ground for about an hour. Lol. Before that it was 3 years and I lived here for 6 years before we saw any type of snow at all.

January is a good time to come. 58 degrees is nice to walk around in and its a slow time of year.
But with a 2 year old, nope. It would be a huge waste of money IMO.
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