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Arrow Make an offer must go!!! FB NB, FB SM, Cover, Inserts, Swaddlebees

The everything must go sale!

We moved to China in August and the CD did not come with us and are now not needed. They have been hanging out at our house in the US since then. My lack of time to handle this is your gain. No reasonable offers will be refused.

Yes we have a cat, no he doesn't wear diapers, he also lives at the neighbors house at the moment, due to our renter being cat allergic.

Everything will ship via USPS unless you would like to pay the difference for FedEx or UPS. Payment is PayPal only and as much as I would like to be ISO I wouldn't get the stuff for months.

Everything is PPD, for newbies this means shipping is included in the price you see. Buy a bunch of stuff and I'll lower the price.

I tried to minimize the number of photos. If you would like clarification on an item please PM me

Onward with the goods!

1. 6 NB sized FB snaps, these are pink and purple, have no stains and come with inserts. They are the older style with pointy tabs. $6 each or $30 now $25 for the lot

2. 13 SM sized FB snaps, a rainbow of colors, mostly girly. Also come with inserts. Most are the newer style, there is one of the pointy tab ones. These also have no stains and come with inserts (slight staining on a few of the inserts as pictured). $6 each, $65 now $60 for the lot.

5. Covers
Gen-Y size SM (top row) $8 now $6 for the bird one $10 now $8 each for the minkee ones
Sold M bummis super whisper wrap $8 now $6
OS thirsties yellow snaps $8 now $6

6 medium prorap classics $5 each or $25 now $20 for the lot

9. Swaddlebees, bought brand new, prepped and never used $15 each. I have 1 pink, 1 purple and 1 blue

10. Also found on my summer FSOT thread (see I told you there was more I'm forgetting!!) Take what is left for $20ppd: 2 small g-diapers, 1 small bio insert. 4 m/l extra snap ins and 6 extra small snap ins.

11. Inserts
5 large microfiber $3 each
2 small microfiber $2 each
3 small hemparoo babykicks $4 each sold
3 cotton babies microfiber inserts $2 each
sold2 roles diaperaps bioliners 100 count (I is open only a few missing) $5 each
1 role large bummis biosoft liners 100 sheets $5
1 role small bummis biosoft liners partially used $3

12. Random stuff
1 much loved play condition bg 2.0 $2
1 small purple no name diaper with no insert $2
sold 2 bummis bottom cleaner sprays $5 each
wipes cubes $2 for all
1 white snapi $3

1 purple snapi, bottom loop broken but still works $1

******sold below line**************************************
Photos for sold items removed to make space
3. Sold 2 FB OS one pink snaps, one yellow. No stains, come with both inserts and extra leg elastic. Bought by me new and rarely used. $15 each or $25 now $22 for both.

4. SOLD Prefolds!
13 unbleached preemie sized (light EBf staining) $20
24 small green edged cotton babies (have stinging should sun out I don't have time) $40 now $35
6 unbleached toddler sized ones (these were never used only prepped) $15 now $12
3 velour ones $10
The 2 flats, and burp cloth quality prefolds are 50 cents each with purchase of other items.

6. sold Goodmamas!!! Pricing is as follows, to make things simple there are 3 prices. $15 means the diaper is very squishy with possible extremely faint staining, like you need to squint sideways to tell. $12 either the diaper isn't as squishy or has staining but not both. $10 not squishy with staining. I believe all of them to still be quite serviceable and to have good elastic. The names follow L to R, top to bottom (looked up names and determined to best of my ability).
Brownie Sunday dyed Neapolitan by a DS mama $12 sold
Cake Shop $12 sold
Endeering $12 sold
True Love $15 Sold
Pixie Dust $15 Sold
pink skulls $12 sod
Natural Beauty $15 sold
blue floral $12 sold
In love $15 sold
red floral $12 sold
Quartz $15 sold
Majestic $15 sold
Fuzzy Navel $15 sold
Pudding $12 sold
Candy Apple $12
Lipstick $12 sold
Baby Pink $10 sold
Purple $10 sold
Ballerina $12 sold
Berry $12 sold
Sugar Cookie $12 sold
Tulle $10 sold
purple with hot pink snaps $12 sold
heart print-actually roo bug brand with a goodmama fabric-best overnight diaper ever $12 sold

7. SOLD BGE snaps I have 4, they are dark pink (xenia??) and green. From memory they have some staining, one of them has tiny hole which does not look pretty but do not effect the diaper. $10 each or $35 for the lot. They are in the wash for stain removal, will update with new pictures when done. The second photo shows the small holes.

8. SOLD BG OS 4.0 snaps, 5 of these, all purchased new by me, come with both inserts. I know I have a moonbeam and a white. $12 each, lot price $50
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