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ObamaCare and breast pumps???

Hi everyone,

I'm trying to fight with my ins. company to get them to pay for a new pump for me. Aetna used to only cover breast pumps if baby or Mom were separated or if baby had some kind of a problem that prohibited baby from nursing. However I've since heard that they now have to pay for breast pumps.

Baby is 9 months and my pump just died. Dh called our ins. company and the person he got definitely did not seem to know what they were talking about and was saying stuff about how they will only pay for 50% of the pump as long as we didn't go over our alloted medical equipment money (we didn't). In general they just didn't sound like they knew what we were talking about.

Before I call them fuming mad I would really like to make sure I'm understanding correctly that they have to pay for it under ObamaCare.

Ugh I'm so sick of this ins. company. They never know what they are talking about on the phone and I've had to foot the bill for several of their screw ups in the year we've had their ins. They like to jerk us around and drag their feet. *end rant*
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