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Re: What to price at and where to sell a baby bjorn carrier

Originally Posted by sweetDD View Post
$169 isn't it to expensive?... you could have been so disappointed. However, have you check this site if there are selling a carrier? if not you might try thebabywearer dot com,. I think you will find some trades and selling option there. Please don't sell your carrier for $30 that will be a total lost of $139...such a waste. Hope this helps!
The problem with this logic is that no one cares what something cost you. They'll only pay what it's worth to them. It would suck to be out $139 on a brand new item, but that's the nature of B/S/T forums.

OP - I would definitely try to sell locally or on eBay. Bjorns and other similar carriers do not sell well on here, and especially not on TBW.
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